Q. What is Games On A Roll Mobile Laser Tag?
We are a mobile laser tag capable of conducting an event or party on the grounds of your school, backyard, park, warehouse, gym, or any other location of your choice. Our laser tag operation retains all the skill and fun elements of paintball without the pain! We have only the highest quality laser taggers and sensors in the industry with no damage to surrounding grounds. Players will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of missions that require teamwork and skill to achieve operational game objectives.

Q. Can you give me a few “Event/Birthday Party Tips”?
1. KIDS' SAFETY is the most important thing to us. It is your responsibility to be sure all kids follow the rules of both Games On A Roll and your own homeowner insurance policy. We are not responsible for kids actions and/or lack of good judgment like kids running out into the street.
2. We highly recommend making your reservations with us as far out as you can if you are set on a specific date and time. If you are flexible with your date and time we usually can fit you in within 2 to 3 weeks from your desired date.
3. For the best field set up we recommend an area of 50 x 30 to 60 x 40 feet. Natural trees and bushes make great barriers. We also provide several pop up barriers and will work with you to create the best battlefield experience for the kids.
4. All animals and pets should be restrained, or kept indoors, during setup and breakdown of your party. Be sure all dog stool has been cleaned up if the kids will be running around your yard.
5. Your booked time period with us starts on time as long as we arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your requested time. We highly recommend that you have pre-cleared a location for us to park in the front of the field or house that we are playing at and that you have cleared the battlefield for any hazards or other objects that would be in the way of where we are placing bunkers and the kids are running around. Unfortunately, we lose a lot of time when either cars or other objects are not cleared prior to us arriving.

Q. How long does one game take?
We set the game times anywhere from 5-20 minutes. Older kids usually like longer timed games.

Q. How old should the players be?
Our games are best played from age 7 and up. However, with parent participation and assistance; we will take a 6 year old party.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?
Rescheduling an event is always an option and can be done one time without incurring any cancellation charges as long as you contact us at least 7 days prior to your event. Reschedule requests made less than 7 days from event will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
See policy statement for cancellation policy.

Q. What happens if it rains?
Our guns can operate in light to moderate rain. In the event of heavy rain where we cannot continue with your party our rate will be prorated after the 1st 50% in which we must collect if we have already set up the playing field. If possible an alternative indoor venue should be available for bad weather days to avoid any charges. We are not responsible for the weather; however, the Games On A Roll Game Coach is responsible for making a weather related play/no-play decision that protects the players and equipment. It’s the game coach’s call to cancel or continue the party. If weather forces the game coach to cancel a party before the party begins, we will reschedule for no additional charge.

Q. What kind of surface can we play on?
A large grass field is preferred but we can set up in gyms, warehouses or concrete surfaces.

Q. Do we need to sign a Liability Release Form?
Yes, it is the responsibility of the parent/homeowner to collect a Liability Release Form for each guest playing and then provide those release forms to the game coach at the start of the party. The release form can be found in our download section here.

Q. What happens if my association and/or any other agency shuts my party down?
The customer is responsible for providing the playing space and has already ensured us that no State, County, Municipality, Householder Association, bylaws, etc. prohibit activities like Laser Tag. If your Laser Tag Party cannot take place for any of the former or similar reasons, payment is still due in full.

Q. Can I book additional hours the day of the event?
Additional hours may be booked the day of the event if we do not have another scheduled party. It is always best to book additional hours before the event to assure enough playing time.

Q. Why is your laser tag party better than your competitors?
1. We have the lightest weight authentic laser tag guns (2 lbs.) in the industry
2. Our guns are made with aluminum bodies that are much tougher and less prone to breakage than plastic.
3. All of our guns have adjustable stocks that are the same stocks used on actual US Army guns.
4. Well coached and trained Game Coaches to lead missions
5. A variety of missions for all ages of players that keeps them engaged and playing not sitting and waiting for the next game to be over
6. Fair play rules, team work strategies, team balancing (fair teams) and good sportsmanship are enforced
7. Last, but not least, we bring the party to you.

Q. Can the laser beam from the laser hurt someone’s eyes?
No, our laser tag guns use infrared, just like your TV remote control. It’s totally safe. Players shoot an invisible and harmless beam.

Q. Can laser tag be played indoors as well?
Absolutely, our laser guns have an “indoor” setting. So it works well in gyms, halls, buildings, recreation centers or warehouses.

Q. What should I wear to play outdoor laser tag?
A player should wear clothes that they do not mind getting dirty. All players should wear sneakers, or comfortable hiking footwear. Open toed shoes, bare feet and/or sandals are NOT allowed on the field of play. We also recommend long pants versus shorts to prevent scratches from bushes. We encourage all players to come ready to play in their camo gear!

Q. What makes outdoor Laser Tag better than Paintball?
1. Save money – unlimited ammo
2. No Pain, No Bruises – Our guns fire harmless, eye-save infrared signals, not projectiles, so you don’t get hurt when you get hit
3. Play for longer – You can take numerous hits before your “health level” reaches zero and you are “killed”, unlike other combat games where you might be sitting out watching from the sidelines after taking just one hit we can set you up with unlimited lives!
4. Shoot great distances – no more watching your opponents waving at you just out of range, our guns shoot over distances of up to 150 feet
5. No steamed up safety goggles – our guns fire harmless eye safe infrared signals so there’s no need to wear eye protection gear
6. Great for the whole family – we accept players from age 6+, unlike most paintball sites where the minimum age is 12+. (6 year olds require parental participation and assistance)
7. Cheating is eliminated – once you are “killed” the onboard software in your gun automatically disables your gun to prevent you from continuing to shoot.


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